Double Hung Windows

If you are trying to find new windows for your home that are going to be easier to clean and much more attractive than your current ones, you may want to consider double hung windows. These windows have a huge amount of benefits compared to many other types of traditional windows. Here we are going to talk about some of the reasons that you should consider them for your home.

Easy to Clean

Double hung windows are easy to clean because of the variety of ways that you can tilt and open them. This is a very important thing if you are trying to have a house that looks professional and beautiful at all times. This is one of the major benefits for many people who are tired of hiring window washers and stretching their bodies at odd angles just to keep their windows sparkling.

Easy to Install

If you get custom-made double hung windows, then you are not going to need to change the walls at all. This can be a very great thing because you are going to save money on this type of construction. Finding custom windows is not very hard and you can get them in a huge variety of styles.

More Convenient for Electric Bills

Another thing you will quickly notice about double hung windows is that you are going to be able to save money on your heating and cooling bills each year. This is because they are very adept at insulating your house from drafts. Not only that, but when you actually want drafts, you can open them very wide so that you get lots of breeze.

Versatility Means More Options

This type of versatility means that you are going to be able to save money while you also have a much easier time making the double hung windows enjoyable. You are going to be able to clean them easily and pick out the right design to complement your house perfectly.

Saving Money in a Variety of Ways

Just think of all the ways you will save money with double hung windows. Some of the ways you will save money include the following:

  • No need to hire window washers.
  • Less money on heating bills in the winter.
  • Less money on air conditioning bills in the summer.
  • Less money needed to do construction in order to install them.
  • Less money on maintenance because of the vinyl materials.

Double hung windows can save you time and energy in the long run. You will not have to keep adding new materials to them or fixing their pieces like you would with other types of windows. Furthermore, they save you money on your bills which allows you to reduce your own carbon footprint. This can be a great way to feel good about your home.

Finally, they may increase the value of your home as well, so if you want to sell it someday the windows will add the aspect of curb-appeal that you are looking for. This can help you make more money and have an easier time selling the house, all because of your double hung windows!

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Jambliners: Increased Beauty and Efficiency for Old Wood Windows

When you are lucky enough to have a home with beautiful wooden windows, the last thing you want to do is replace them completely just to have a better seal against drafts. You may hear of many people who get entirely new windows in their homes, but if you have old wooden windows that are lovely just as they are, you do not have to replace them. Instead, you can replace the jambliners. This can be a great way to help your windows keep their beauty while also protecting your home. Here we will talk about how this works.

How jambliners Can Stop Drafts

When you have old windows, you may not want to replace them completely just because you get drafts sometimes. However, you also do not want to spend extra money on your electric bill for heating or air conditioning. This is why you may want to use jambliners.

They can be added to old windows in order to help improve the seal. This can make it so that you experience less of a draft. The seal will be tight, and added insulation can improve the quality of the window. This can be an easy thing to do for old wooden windows, and you can even have locks added in various different styles.

How jambliners Can Help Your Windows Appear More Beautiful

One benefit of jambliners when you want beautiful windows is that they allow the windows to be tilted inwards instead of simply opened vertically. This means that you can have a much easier time cleaning the window as often as you want so that it can sparkle without getting dirt and stains encrusted onto it.

Furthermore, if you have a window frame that you adore but the glass leaves much to be desired, you can often times easily find new glass for the old wooden windows when you are using jambliners. Because the hardware is included on the liner, you will have the locks and latches and can simply add in the new glass. You can find detailed instructions online depending on the style that you are working with.

Why Insulation & Beauty are So Important for Old Windows

When you have old wooden windows, you want them to stay in good shape. Whether you plan on selling your home in the future or simply having grand kids over, you want to feel proud of your home. Having gorgeous wooden windows can be a great thing because they are so rustic and lovely. Using jambliners to keep them in good shape can make it so that they stay beautiful for many more years.

By using jambliners, you are going to be saving money on your electric bills. You will have various options for locks and latches so that you can find the style that fits most with your home. This is why so many people use these liners for their old wooden windows. They can keep them safe and beautiful for years to come.

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Window Replacement Hardware

When you want to find the best new windows, you are going to need to learn about the various types of window replacement hardware. This can be a very easy thing to do as long as you know what you are looking for. Here we are going to talk about some of the things that you should keep in mind as you try to find the best hardware for your windows. You will learn how to consider the various components of the hardware so that you can find the best fit for your home.

How to Consider Different Types of Glass

You will need to determine which type of glass you want before you order your window replacement hardware. For instance, you are going to have to figure out if you want to get double-glazed glass or not. Most people are best off with double-glazed glass even if they live in a temperate area because it can help protect you from noise pollution.

There are also various types of gas that you can choose to fill the space between the glass panes. For instance, you can use Argonne gas or Krypton gas if you want extra protection from the outdoor temperatures. This is something that you will have to determine based on your preferences and the availability of these products in your area. If you find a good website with window replacement hardware, they should be able to tell you what is best for your home based on your circumstances.

How to Consider Different Types of Frames

There are also many types of window frames that you will have to consider before you can find the best hardware. You will see that there are some that are made from wood while others are made with vinyl. Depending on the style of your house, certain materials will be preferable to others.

For instance, if you have a rustic home, then you are going to want to get the frames that match this theme. If you have a very modern home, then you are going to want frames that look sharp and sophisticated. You will see that most window replacement hardware websites can give you a good idea of the options that are available to you. You are also going to notice that the quality of insulation may be affected by the type of frame that you choose.

When to Ask for Help

If you are trying to find window replacement hardware on your own, you may find that it can be rather tricky. There are many different decisions to be made, and each of them is going to be rather important for the insulation and safety of your home. You may not be sure whether Argonne or Krypton is a better gas, or if you should get wooden or vinyl window frames. If you make the wrong choice, you may and up with windows that you are unhappy with. This is why you may want to talk to someone about your home so that you can find the best types of window replacement hardware.

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Casement Window Cam Handles

Casement windows provide you with the maximum light and fresh air. They are installed with a side hinge and are opened with Casement Window Cam Handles. You just crank the handle and the cam moves the connected arm to open the window as much or as little as you like. When closed the cam locks the window closed even if you have a separate locking mechanism.

The Casement Window Cam Handles come in two types. One is locked onto the cam crank with a set screw and the other just snaps in place. If you apply too much torque to the handle you can break off the teeth inside the Casement Window Cam Handles and you will need to get a replacement handle.

If it is an older casement window the teeth or gear in the crank cam can get broken inside and either the handle will just rotate around without opening or closing the window. If this happens you will need to replace the entire cranking cam.

You will have to open the window all the way so that you can remove the cam arm from the  hinged window. With the window open you can see the crank cam is screwed into the bottom of the window frame and you just need to unscrew three screws to remove the unit. If you know the manufacturer of your window you can contact them to order the perfect size replacement cam. If you don’t know who made your casement window you will need to contact a local window and door repair company to have them order you a matching crank cam. Just push the window closed and lock it till you can get the replacement cranking cam.

When the cam arrives you open the window and place the cam in the same place the broken cam was and screw in down securely. Then you will need to re-attach the arm to the hinged window and either snap the cam handle on or set it on and tighten down the set screw, depending on which type of Casement Window Cam Handles comes with the new cam.

The only problem you may run into is being able to find a replacement crank cam if you have an older casement window. If you are unable to find a replacement cranking cam you will have two choices of what you can do. You can replace the entire window and get an extra cranking cam to hold in reserve in case you need it. The other thing you may want to consider is to convert your window from a crank open to a push open. You can buy the locking arm that will fit in the same place as the old crank arm was and will be able to be connected to the hinged window with the locking rail mounted on the inside of the window, right into the window frame or the window seal depending on where it will attach best.

By converting to a push open window you can save the cost of replacing the entire window.

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Replacing Window Spiral Balances

If your windows just won’t stay up when you open them, you will have to repair or replace the mechanism that holds it up. In older windows there is a cast iron weight attached to a cord of rope or other material. In newer windows you will find that it has what is called a spiral balance. Most likely the spring inside the balance has worn out and you will need to think about Replacing Window Spiral Balances in each window that won’t stay open.

There are two types of windows, the tilt kind and the non-tilt kind, and although Replacing Window Spiral Balances in each kind is similar, there are differences in how you remove and replace the balances.

The first thing you must do is get the correct spiral balance for your window. You need to make sure that it has the rating to hold the weight of your window sash. The best way to ensure that you have the correct rated balances is to contact the manufacturer of your window to see if they carry replacement parts. If you can’t find the name of your window manufacturer then you will have to go to a window and door repair place and see if you can order the correct size and rated spiral balance for your windows.

Once you have the correct balance you can go to work on replacing the old one with the new one. For a non-tilt window you have to find the stop bead located on the left or right side and unscrew all three screws, starting at the top, then the middle and finally the bottom. You then remove the stop bead. If the window jam is painted you may have to pry the stop bead off with your putty knife or flat head screw driver.

You will need to get a grip on the left spring tape and pull some slack out with the tensioning tool or a pair of needle nose pliers. The tool is specially made for removing and winding the balance. Grab hold of the connecting hoop and disconnect it. Repeat the process for the right side balance tape.

With the balances disconnected just slide it out of the frame through the side with the stop head off.

You then remove the screws holding the old balance to the window jam. You will want to take care not to damage the holes because you will install the new spring balances in the same place.

Put the new spiral spring  balance right where the old one was mounted and put the screws in on the top and bottom edges. You can use the same screws you took out of the old balance. Once you have all of the screws securely tightened you can repeat the process on the other side. The balances are able to fit either side so you don’t have to worry about which one goes on which side.

When the new spiral balances are installed all you have to do is replace the window the same way you removed it and your job is finished.

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Double Pane Window Repair Is Cheaper Than Buying New Windows

As you know the great thing about double paned windows is the way they insulate. They keep your cool air in during the summer and the warm air in during the winter, thus saving you lots of money on your utility bills. The way the insulation properties of your window works is because there is a trapped gas or air between the panes to increase the insulation. If you get a crack in the glass you will start to see fog develop between the glass panes or drops of condensation developing. You probably think all you can do is replace the entire window but you need to know that double pane window repair can be done and it will save you money.

The first best way to get the windows repaired is to get a professional to do the fix They will drill a small hole in a corner of the window and blow some cleaners into the space. they will drill a second small hole in the upper section of the window so when they blow air into the space the cleaners will clean and exit through the second hole. Once the inside is clean they will blow a drying agent through and seal the top hole and then blow more air in and seal the bottom hole. When the holes are sealed you will have your double pane window repair so they will once again insulate you from extreme temperatures passing through and you will have clear windows to look through as well.

If you have glass panes that are broken they will have to be replaced. Some people can measure and get replacement glass from a local glass dealer and do the replacement themselves. It can be tricky with double pane windows and you may be better off having a pro do it for you. The most important part is to ensure you get the glass the exact size and thickness that you need for your double pane frame. This way the pane can be sealed properly and clean dry air or gas can be trapped between the pains to restore the insulation factor that you had before the pane of glass was broken.

The best place to find a double pane window repair professional is through a local glass company or by checking stores where they sell the double pane windows. The stores will either have a repair professional on staff or will be able to direct you to the best place to find some help. Before they will be able to give you an estimate they will need to come to your home and see the windows that need repair. Some repairs are fairly simple and can be inexpensive to fix. Others, such as needing to replace one or more panes will cost more. Just be sure to have the repair person explain exactly what needs to be done and get a written estimate of the repair. You may want to get more than one estimate because the fees for repair can vary.

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The Benefits Of Push-Out Hardware


The Push-Out Hardware System is Truth Hardware’s latest innovation. We think you will be surprised again by their ingenuity. Designed for push-out style windows reminiscent of the windows from the turn of the century, this new product line combines the aesthetic characteristics from years past with the performance requirements of current times. Push-out window systems have seen a revival in recent times with the popularity of timber frame, log and craftsman style homes having increased in recent times. Builders are also incorporating this manual style window into sidelights for doors.

Following extensive research and engineering, Truth is offers a full line of hinges, locks and related push-out hardware to meet the requirements of contractors and homeowners alike.

Truth offers special high friction hinges which were engineered to fit the standard hinge cavity to help provide extra resistance to the sash while in the open position. Available in stainless steel by default, these hinges are available in two sizes (10″ and 14″). With egress or wash ability options to choose from, these hinges use the same snap-stud design as Truth’s standard 2-Bar hinges and optional hinge stops are available for larger window applications.

Handles available in both “classic” and “retro” looks, Truth hardware systems for push-out windows offer that unique styling to fit any home. Truth has designed two types of Lock Bar Systems – one for standard push-out windows and the other specifically designed for French style double casement window applications. The standard lock bar system is available in either steel or stainless steel and allows up to four locking points on sash heights up to 7′ high.

The locking systems provide a range of handle activation heights which permits the manufacturer to place the handle wherever they would like, including centered low on the window sash to help comply with ADA restricted applications. All French lock bars incorporate shoot bolts for added security. Sill Mounted Stay Bars Provide More Stability When Open Classic Retro Stay Bars If even more wind resistance is required, or the window sash is too large to reach the activation handle on the lock bar system, Truth recommends using our sill mounted Stay Bars. Available in 2 lengths, this hardware provides more stability when open and will assist the homeowner when closing a wider sash. One unique feature of our stay bar is the ability to hold the sash in any position and not interfere with the closed screen.

Truth Hardware also offers a full complement of swing screen hardware including hinges which allow easy seasonal removal of the screens. In addition, Truth has an assortment of screen handle options to complement the sash hardware.

For more information about Push Out Hardware visit

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Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable Screen Doors: A Cheap and Effective Method to Enhance the Value of Your Residence

Porch and patio doors are most likely probably the most used in your entire home. They’re important to permit contemporary air right into a home. Sadly, there are bugs and insects. With a Retractable Display Door, you can enjoy the outdoors inside. The advances in technology have offered a lift in the fantastic thing about your home. You do not have to settle for the old metal frame, unmatched fashion screen door that falls off the track. With frames which can be customized to match the fashion of your house, you may enjoy the magnificence as well as the environmental benefits. There is not any doubt, these have come a great distance over the years.

The advantages of the Retractable Screen Doors are numerous. Newer sorts of screens provide an unobstructed view, whereas still defending your own home from unwanted bugs, leaves, and other outside debris. When not in use, it will probably simply be retracted so it’s out of the best way throughout off season. Keeping it rolled back additionally protects the screens from dirt and damage. As a result of these are designed to be fully rolled again, you now not must see them or stroll by way of two doors. Elevated air flow is supplied when in use. You may depart the glass door open utilizing only the display for protection. This permits for max breeze ventilation.

The looks of the Retractable Display screen Door is incredible. Designed to be glossy, elegant, compact and unobtrusive, these are different from traditional screen doors. The metallic framed previous style is a factor of the past. The new designs are in colours and supplies to match the decor you have got already chosen to your home. Eight normal colors and ten customized wood grains can be found to enrich any environment. Finished with matching screws and hardware, you’re sure to impress and appreciate the workmanship. There is no cause to struggle with screens that seem to disintegrate after one season.

Advances in creative and technological juices are at all times a profit to society. Easy, yet amazing advances in Retractable Display Door fittings are one other instance of these benefits. With the custom designs, colours, and workmanship, these doors are sure to please. They are simple, elegant, smooth, convenient and functional.

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