Window Sash Locks: A Guide to Improving the Security of Your Home Using Sash Locks

When you want to make your home more secure, one of the things you should do is consider using window sash locks. These can be much more effective than the old locks that people used to use before crime rates had increased. Depending on where you live, you may need to get these locks on every window in your home.

The good news is that installing them is not that difficult. However, it may be too intensive for some people who are not familiar with working on their own windows. Here we will talk about the benefits of these locks as well as what is required to be able to install them.

Benefits of These Locks

You will see that window sash locks can work many different purposes in your home. The main reason that they can improve the security of your home is that they will keep intruders out. But window sash locks are also going to keep the windows more tightly sealed, which protects against rattling and also drafts. You want to make sure that your home is insulated from both intruders and high electric bills.

How Hard Is It to Install My Own Window Locks?

The answer to this question depends on how familiar you are with working with tools. You are going to need to take some specific measurements of the window so that you can order your window sash locks in a kit with all of the necessary items. You will need to measure the height, width and angle of the old window so that you can order the replacement kit that is the right size.

When you order a full replacement kit, you are going to get:

  • Jamb tracks
  • Mounting clips
  • A pair of new sashes
  • Directions

The most important thing is that you make sure that you ordered a kit that was the right size. After that, you can simply follow the instructions that they give you with the kit so that you can replace your window sash locks successfully.

Complications of Installing the Entire Sash Replacement Kit

If you are not familiar with working on your home, you are going to see that following the instructions for the complete replacement kit for window sash locks may be rather difficult. You are going to have to dismantle the window, add insulation, install jamb liners and also use finishing nails to get the job done right. This can be a bit intense for people who are not aware of how to do these things.

This is why you should have a friend help you if you feel that installing new window sash locks is too complicated. You can also potentially hire someone to install the these locks for you so that you can feel safe in your home with good locks. The key is that you have to find the locks that are good quality and that will not break anytime soon. This will help you to improve the security of your home, whether you do it on your own or hire someone to help you.

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Why Have The Nexus Multi-Point Locking System


Locking the door when leaving can be a wonderful thing for many people to do. The problem that some individuals can encounter is not being knowledgeable about the locks failing. That is when people ought to know about why they need to use the Nexus multi-point locking system. Once they have learned that this is a system that uses stainless steel, has three individually adjustable locking pins, has a vast adjustment range, has an anti slam feature that is present, has a wide selection of keeper options, and has an option that can allow for an adjustable reach, it will be simple to determine that this system might be the best one for their needs.

Stainless steel is an item that may not be common in some of the other locks that are present. However, with this one, it is present and that typically means that the items are going to be more durable than what they are used to seeing on these items.

The individually adjustable locking pins can be important to think about. When you think about this, it will show that the lock is harder for a criminal to force. Since it is harder for them to force, this means that the house will have a higher level of security that can keep the items inside of the home rather than in a criminal’s pocket.

The adjustment range that is present can be rather vast. Since it is so vast, it will make it easier to adjust the lock to the level that the person wants. Then they will be able to have the better level of security that they want to have.

Slamming a door can be a terrible thing for many people. However, by having this anti slam feature, it may be simple to see that the doors can easily be controlled. Then the person that owns the home will not have to worry about replacing a broken door because this slamming was taken care of.

The wide selection of keeper options is something that can be enjoyable as well. Since this is rather important it will be easy to adjust the handle and lock to the persons exact situation.

The reach of these can be changed around as well. When this is changed around, it can be easy to determine if it will work for a persons specific needs or not.

Getting the best system for securing a door before leaving can be difficult at times because of all the choices that are available. That is when people need to be educated on why they should have the Nexus multi-point locking system. Once they have learned about this, it will be easy to see that this specific one will fulfill all of their desires. Some of the things they should know is that this is a system that uses stainless steel, has three individually adjustable locking pins, a vast adjustment range, an anti slam feature that is present, has a wide selection of keeper options, and has an option that can allow for an adjustable reach, it will be simple to determine that this system might be the best one for their needs.

For more information about Nexus Multi-Point Locking System visit

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The Benefits Of Push-Out Hardware


The Push-Out Hardware System is Truth Hardware’s latest innovation. We think you will be surprised again by their ingenuity. Designed for push-out style windows reminiscent of the windows from the turn of the century, this new product line combines the aesthetic characteristics from years past with the performance requirements of current times. Push-out window systems have seen a revival in recent times with the popularity of timber frame, log and craftsman style homes having increased in recent times. Builders are also incorporating this manual style window into sidelights for doors.

Following extensive research and engineering, Truth is offers a full line of hinges, locks and related push-out hardware to meet the requirements of contractors and homeowners alike.

Truth offers special high friction hinges which were engineered to fit the standard hinge cavity to help provide extra resistance to the sash while in the open position. Available in stainless steel by default, these hinges are available in two sizes (10″ and 14″). With egress or wash ability options to choose from, these hinges use the same snap-stud design as Truth’s standard 2-Bar hinges and optional hinge stops are available for larger window applications.

Handles available in both “classic” and “retro” looks, Truth hardware systems for push-out windows offer that unique styling to fit any home. Truth has designed two types of Lock Bar Systems – one for standard push-out windows and the other specifically designed for French style double casement window applications. The standard lock bar system is available in either steel or stainless steel and allows up to four locking points on sash heights up to 7′ high.

The locking systems provide a range of handle activation heights which permits the manufacturer to place the handle wherever they would like, including centered low on the window sash to help comply with ADA restricted applications. All French lock bars incorporate shoot bolts for added security. Sill Mounted Stay Bars Provide More Stability When Open Classic Retro Stay Bars If even more wind resistance is required, or the window sash is too large to reach the activation handle on the lock bar system, Truth recommends using our sill mounted Stay Bars. Available in 2 lengths, this hardware provides more stability when open and will assist the homeowner when closing a wider sash. One unique feature of our stay bar is the ability to hold the sash in any position and not interfere with the closed screen.

Truth Hardware also offers a full complement of swing screen hardware including hinges which allow easy seasonal removal of the screens. In addition, Truth has an assortment of screen handle options to complement the sash hardware.

For more information about Push Out Hardware visit

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Facts About Truth Sentry Multi-Point Hinged Patio Door Hardware System


Every homeowner should take the time to make sure the doors of their home are secured with locks and hinges that are virtually impenetrable, especially on those doors that swing open to the outside. While many people feel their doors are secure, they may be shocked to know many people out there could get in by undoing the hinges. Check out these benefits and features of the Truth Sentry Multi-Point Hinged Patio Door Hardware System.

The purchase you make for the hardware you need for the doors of your home should be from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer. Truth has been in the business since 1955 and can guarantee your purchase will be durable and one you can depend on for many years to come. When it comes to securing entryways into your home, guaranteed dependability is important.

Hinges are vital to the security and ease of use in doors. Through the innovative and technological design of these hinge systems, you will have both of these benefits. The handles that come with these sets are attractive and help to improve the decorative effect you may be trying to achieve as well. Finding the perfect one for your doors can be done by looking through the online catalog.

Installation is simple also for these sets. You will be provided with complete and easy to understand instructions. Few tools are required for installations that, in most cases, only last an hour or so. This is a great benefit for those homeowners that prefer to do the work to avoid the cost of hiring someone else to do it.

Made specifically for the market in North America, you should know these systems have additional outstanding features like a babysitter lock. You can engage this lock with a simple turn without worrying over locking the entire system. This is an excellent feature for those parents of small children. Nothing compares to knowing a small child is safe and cannot get outdoors without mom or dad’s help.

The design of these sets is to make security easy, more affordable, and decorative at the same time. In the past, many of the hinged systems sold that were durable and thief proof was also unattractive and expensive. Thanks to the engineering and work put into these sets, you can have a great look and tough security together at a price every budget can afford.

Aside from looking great, the door handles should also be durable and ready to withstand years of use. The sentry handles that come with this hinge system fulfill these requirements. The design that went into the manufacturing of these door handles was complete and done by professional engineers. The look you end up with is just as important as the durability.

These systems were designed through a team effort by truth and manufacturers. Through this effort, the end result is a lock and hinge set that is by far unmatched for decorative durability and security. By making the choice for a truth Sentry Multi-Point Hinged Patio Door Hardware System, you are making the choice for a reliable product you and your family will feel safely protected by.

For more information about Truth Sentry Multi-Point Hinged Patio Door Hardware System visit

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APEX Block and Tackle Features


Finding the perfect block and tackle for a window can easily be one of the hardest challenges people can face when they are trying to improve their home. That is when the person that is searching for this item will need to know about the features that are present in the APEX model. Some of the features that can be found in this specific model include the extended travel range, the music wire springs that can guide the item better, the elongated bottom guide that is present, the hammered channel edges that can make guiding easier, the parked mounting hook, and even the size range that is present. When they have learned about those features, it will be easy to see why they should have this specific model.

The extended travel range is going to allow for better egress options. With these options, many people will notice that they should be able to get out of the house easier, but they will also be able to enjoy knowing that this feature will allow them to have more options on this aspect than what they thought.

Music wire springs are an item numerous individuals have never heard about before. However, this is something that many people will enjoy since it is going to ensure that the window will have the proper and consistent guide they should have. Without knowing about this people could easily pick out the wrong one and this may guide the person to not getting the results they desire to have.

For the increased flexibility that is needed people may see the elongated bottom guide can allow them to enjoy this. Without knowing about this, people may think they cannot have the flexibility that they need. With this though, it will be fairly easy to have the results they should have because this longer channel will provide them with the results they desire to have.

Hammered channel edges are a feature that can be enjoyed because it will make the windows balance even more durable. When they are durable people will not be anxious about having to worry about replacing these. However, they will also notice that they do not have to worry about the pieces breaking on them at any point in time because of the increased durability.

With the parked mounting hook, people will notice that they are going to stay connected and centered. With this, people will find that they are going to be easier to install and that could make the job that they are doing rather easier than what they thought.

Most of the time people will notice that this specific balance is going to offer them a wide range of size selection. With that extra selection it will be rather easy to find the best one for peoples needs. Without knowing about this, it will be rather easy to find the wrong one and after you get home realize that it does not suit your needs.

Getting the perfect block and tackle can be hard at times because of the choices that are present for the windows. This is the time that individuals should know about the features that the APEX model offers them. Some of the features that can be found in this specific model include the extended travel range, the music wire springs that can guide the item better, the elongated bottom guide that is present, the hammered channel edges that can make guiding easier, the parked mounting hook, and even the size range that is present. When they have learned about those features, it will be easy to see why they should have this specific model.

For more information about Apex Block and Tackle Window Balances visit

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Window Cam Handles


Window Cam Handles: Every thing You Thought You Didn’t Have to Know About Window Cam Handles

Have you ever ever gone to the hardware store with a broken piece of one thing, knowing you’re going to should ask the hardware professional for “one other one among these” as a result of you have no thought what the identify is? It’s a quite common practice. Objects which are very common for the previous scene are Window Cam Handles. These handles are the twist and lock handles that many residence windows have. Whenever you close your window and need to lock it down tight, you seize the deal with and push it or twist it. Normally the window itself seems to tighten to the plate and body while you do this.

The Window Cam Handles are sometimes made from plastic or metal. Often the handles used in journey trailers are made out of plastic, while the home versions appear to be constructed from metal. The plastic handles age easier and are more susceptible to put on and tear, usually breaking. That is whenever you take the broken piece to the ironmongery store and ask for a brand new one. In the event you’re a little handy with instruments, you can substitute them with a complete new set, somewhat than getting the identical kind. There are varieties with keys that can be locked to prevent younger kids from opening the window and climbing out.

Prices for Window Cam Handles range greatly depending on the material and features. For example, plastic sets can vary in the decrease vary from a couple of dollars as much as eight or more. The steel ones typically vary from ten dollars on as much as forty or more, again relying on the features. These with locks might run a bit higher. The metal materials also ranges from aluminum to galvanized steel. Clearly, the harder the steel the higher the worth range.

Now, whenever you’re at a cocktail party, you’ll be able to impress your folks when somebody mentions a kind of “window locking things” by calling it by its actual title: Window Cam Handles. Costs ranging from $four on as much as $40 or more make them a very affordable hardware item. All of the sudden, you will develop into the family hardware expert. Straightforward to seek out, simple to interchange, and simple to use.

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Window Balances

Window Balances: Understanding the Ins and Outs of Window Steadiness Hardware

In case you are looking so as to add a little bit change to a room together with including some type and flair, take into account looking into Window Balances. It might sound too easy, but they actually are available many different kinds and colors that may bring collectively any room whether or not it’s the living room, kitchen, bed room, and even the bathroom. By selecting one of the many different kinds and colours, you are able to customize your Window Balances to your room and your style. Try to not develop into too overwhelmed by all the completely different choices. By looking for the particular details that you want, it is possible for you to to search out the perfect match in no time.

There are several types of hardware to select from however do not change into overwhelmed by all your choices. You will know instantly what is going to work finest with the design you might have in your house whether or not it’s your bedroom or residing room. There are spiral, block and tackle, coil, and channel. And when you still really feel slightly confused about these totally different particular types, find a knowledgeable affiliate from a neighborhood window retailer or contact somebody on-line who can help stroll you through the method of choosing the right balance.

A spiral window stability is aimed for sash help for more even and smoother operation. This can be used on both tilt and non-tilt double or single hung windows. Spiral types are usually just a little particular so far as tilt goes so be sure that you already know exactly what you’re on the lookout for before searching for a spiral window balance.

A coil steadiness is one other kind of sash assist through which it is ready to preserve your window open by a singular mechanism. This gives just as clean and even operations just as the spiral window balance does.

It is crucial that you simply perceive the variations and similarities between every sort of window balance before you select which stability would be greatest for you. Talking with a local glass shop or window affiliate might help the process go even smoother and less annoying since they’ll inform you precisely what to look for.

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Truth Window Hardware

Truth Window Hardware: A High Quality Window Hardware Company

Truth Window Hardware has been a leader in manufacturing of residential, and light business window and doorways since 1955. With its beginnings in a 1900′s blacksmith store, it grew into a tool manufacturing operation with a popularity for producing solely the best tools. That very same dedication and craftsmanship was carried into producing push bar operators for awning windows. That single product has grown into a complete line of window hardware products. Fact is an organization constructed upon a historical past of high quality workmanship, which continues to construct with quality.

Fact Windows has a full line of window, skylight and patio hardware that will meet any need you could have as a homeowner, homebuilder or window manufacturer. An extensive line of hinges, locks, and sliders can present options to just about any window hardware need. Their award-profitable web site features an intuitive on-line catalog, will let you discover hardware, quickly and easily. If you are on the lookout for a alternative item, or in the technique of planning for new hardware, you’ll love the convenience and usability of this site. The assortment of kinds, colours and options will meet even probably the most discriminating buyer’s wants, and with the repute of Fact, you realize the hardware is not only good-wanting, but additionally excessive quality.

Truth Home windows a North American chief within the design and manufacture of working systems for home windows, patio doors and skylights with two services in Owatonna, MN and operations in Pennsylvania and Ontario employs roughly 800 workers. This work pressure is without doubt one of the most dependable and flexible in the industry. They’re able to meet the design and manufacturing needs of their prospects with speed and efficiency. These talented workers can provide solutions to window hardware problems with innovation and creativity. The team at Fact listens to you and your wants, and then mobilizes to get your hardware solution to you shortly and efficiently.

Fact is an organization that cares not just for their clients, but additionally for the environment. They’ve an aggressive policy of reducing waste, reusing supplies, at any time when potential, and recycling. With an awesome collection of window, skylight and patio hardware and a flexible, responsive work pressure with concern for each their clients and the environment, it’s straightforward to see why Truth Window Hardware is a pacesetter in their industry. If you are a home-owner, builder, or a window producer, you need to take into account products from Truth Window Hardware.

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Replacement Window Weatherstripping


Replacement Window Weatherstripping: What You Have to Know About Replacement Window Weatherstripping

Whether you live in an space that has harsh winters or summers, you’re certain to pay attention to windows leaking air. Replacement Window Weatherstripping can scale back any airflow, which will in turn decrease your vitality bills as well as offering more comfort regardless of the season. For those who’re on the lookout for a do-it-your self venture, this is a nice one to tackle. Over time the seals in home windows begin to break down from moisture, climate publicity, and put on and tear. In case your home windows are in want of upkeep or replacement, you’ll want to substitute the weatherstripping on the identical time.

Replacement Window Weatherstripping is available in all kinds of materials. What you choose determines how intense the challenge could also be, and the way lengthy the material will last; not to point out the way it looks. Older homes could also be more fitted to metallic climate strips merely for the looks. Newer properties have a bit more flexibility in what you choose. Clearly, the different types of supplies also determine the cost. The better the material, the upper the cost.

Replacement Window Weatherstripping must be put in on a clear, dry surface. V-channel material is usually fabricated from vinyl and hides easily when the window is closed. That is finest used with double-pane windows. Foam strips can be utilized in just about any type of window as a result of it is glued, taped, or stapled into place. It doesn’t hide well, so remember that whereas it is easier to put in, it’s much less attractive. Metal strips often have holes pre-drilled, making it easier to know where to place the tacks/nails.

When the installation is complete, the home windows should open and shut freely, with a snug fit. If your home windows are too troublesome to open after the set up, the fabric stands out as the improper kind or fit for the actual space. As you’re measuring the windows, take notice of the kind of materials and approximate space between the window and the body runner. Take care to properly measure the home windows on your Replacement Window Weatherstripping. It would be best to purchase the full length plus about 10 percent to allow for waste and errors.

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Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows: Upfront Financial savings and Elevated Comfort

It’s no secret that Energy Efficient Windows and fittings do lower your expenses in both the quick and long term utility costs. The issue many people run into is the upfront costs may seem somewhat unaffordable. As a result of we appear to be going through an power disaster, each the federal and state governments (in some cases native as effectively) offer help for initiatives that assist cut back energy costs. Utilizing these tax credits and grants, replacing home windows shortly turns from a value to interrupt even or financial savings when you think about the cash you will save on utility bills virtually immediately.

When selecting Energy Efficient Windows, it would be best to contemplate aesthetics as well as vitality local weather zones. A particular window is probably not the best fit for the environment you live in. Usually, hardware stores could have a chart showing the zone that you are in and what type of score you ought to be looking for. These ratings change because of basic environmental situations that warrant a unique make-up within the supplies and construction.

So, now that you know the benefits of getting Energy Efficient Windows, must you just tear out your present windows? It can be an costly proposition, and on this economic system, will not be probably the most prudent. Certain, in short time you’ll notice the savings they supply, but if it is advisable hold on to what you may have, it’s best to not less than examine to make sure they’re as vitality efficient as they can be. Check for moisture, mould, rotting, and another wear across the body on the wall. This wear or breakdown might mean there may be more injury beneath the body itself. If that is so, go forward and remove the body and repair any harm you find. This will guarantee a greater fit and mean you can use your present home windows till you will get the more vitality efficient.

When it comes all the way down to basic math, with the potential tax credits, utility financial savings, and long term usage, it simply is sensible to exchange older windows with Energy Efficient Windows. The tax credits alone may pay for several, and the rest can be realized via the savings on utility bills.

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