Facts About Truth Sentry Multi-Point Hinged Patio Door Hardware System


Every homeowner should take the time to make sure the doors of their home are secured with locks and hinges that are virtually impenetrable, especially on those doors that swing open to the outside. While many people feel their doors are secure, they may be shocked to know many people out there could get in by undoing the hinges. Check out these benefits and features of the Truth Sentry Multi-Point Hinged Patio Door Hardware System.

The purchase you make for the hardware you need for the doors of your home should be from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer. Truth has been in the business since 1955 and can guarantee your purchase will be durable and one you can depend on for many years to come. When it comes to securing entryways into your home, guaranteed dependability is important.

Hinges are vital to the security and ease of use in doors. Through the innovative and technological design of these hinge systems, you will have both of these benefits. The handles that come with these sets are attractive and help to improve the decorative effect you may be trying to achieve as well. Finding the perfect one for your doors can be done by looking through the online catalog.

Installation is simple also for these sets. You will be provided with complete and easy to understand instructions. Few tools are required for installations that, in most cases, only last an hour or so. This is a great benefit for those homeowners that prefer to do the work to avoid the cost of hiring someone else to do it.

Made specifically for the market in North America, you should know these systems have additional outstanding features like a babysitter lock. You can engage this lock with a simple turn without worrying over locking the entire system. This is an excellent feature for those parents of small children. Nothing compares to knowing a small child is safe and cannot get outdoors without mom or dad’s help.

The design of these sets is to make security easy, more affordable, and decorative at the same time. In the past, many of the hinged systems sold that were durable and thief proof was also unattractive and expensive. Thanks to the engineering and work put into these sets, you can have a great look and tough security together at a price every budget can afford.

Aside from looking great, the door handles should also be durable and ready to withstand years of use. The sentry handles that come with this hinge system fulfill these requirements. The design that went into the manufacturing of these door handles was complete and done by professional engineers. The look you end up with is just as important as the durability.

These systems were designed through a team effort by truth and manufacturers. Through this effort, the end result is a lock and hinge set that is by far unmatched for decorative durability and security. By making the choice for a truth Sentry Multi-Point Hinged Patio Door Hardware System, you are making the choice for a reliable product you and your family will feel safely protected by.

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