Casement Window Cam Handles

Casement windows provide you with the maximum light and fresh air. They are installed with a side hinge and are opened with Casement Window Cam Handles. You just crank the handle and the cam moves the connected arm to open the window as much or as little as you like. When closed the cam locks the window closed even if you have a separate locking mechanism.

The Casement Window Cam Handles come in two types. One is locked onto the cam crank with a set screw and the other just snaps in place. If you apply too much torque to the handle you can break off the teeth inside the Casement Window Cam Handles and you will need to get a replacement handle.

If it is an older casement window the teeth or gear in the crank cam can get broken inside and either the handle will just rotate around without opening or closing the window. If this happens you will need to replace the entire cranking cam.

You will have to open the window all the way so that you can remove the cam arm from the ┬áhinged window. With the window open you can see the crank cam is screwed into the bottom of the window frame and you just need to unscrew three screws to remove the unit. If you know the manufacturer of your window you can contact them to order the perfect size replacement cam. If you don’t know who made your casement window you will need to contact a local window and door repair company to have them order you a matching crank cam. Just push the window closed and lock it till you can get the replacement cranking cam.

When the cam arrives you open the window and place the cam in the same place the broken cam was and screw in down securely. Then you will need to re-attach the arm to the hinged window and either snap the cam handle on or set it on and tighten down the set screw, depending on which type of Casement Window Cam Handles comes with the new cam.

The only problem you may run into is being able to find a replacement crank cam if you have an older casement window. If you are unable to find a replacement cranking cam you will have two choices of what you can do. You can replace the entire window and get an extra cranking cam to hold in reserve in case you need it. The other thing you may want to consider is to convert your window from a crank open to a push open. You can buy the locking arm that will fit in the same place as the old crank arm was and will be able to be connected to the hinged window with the locking rail mounted on the inside of the window, right into the window frame or the window seal depending on where it will attach best.

By converting to a push open window you can save the cost of replacing the entire window.

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