Will Replacing Storm Windows Save Money?

According to the dictionary and wikipedia, storm windows are secondary windows installed to provide additional protection from harsh weather. These windows can be installed outside or inside of the normal windows in a home. In the past these windows were in wood frames and could be taken down during warmer weather so that the windows of the home could be opened to let in air from outside. Today these windows are in metal or vinyl frames and can be made from glazed glass or some form of plastic or vinyl panes.

For the home owners of today the choice is to install double pane or double glass windows in a solid metal or vinyl frame. The only problem is these windows can’t be opened and if one of the panes get a crack, moisture will get inside and fog the window. If you have actual storm windows the question is will Replacing Storm Windows save money in the long run.

The answer to that question will depend on who you ask. If you ask someone that wants to install new windows for you they will tell you that new double glazed windows will save on your electric bill by providing greater insulation. Using a second window mounted next to the main window will provide the insulation of having air between the two windows, and believe it or not, air between windows is one of the very best insulators.

If your storm window is in a wood frame then the frame is built to be able to replace the glass with ease. If you are using the newer metal or vinyl frames, the glass can also be replaced so you don’t actually need to worry about Replacing Storm Windows, just replacing the glass in the frame if it becomes broken.

This is true of any broken window glass, if you think about that. The windows with metal sashes, or frames, may make replacing the full window more difficult because it will be hard to find parts every 10 years or so when the glass or frame needs to be replaced. The manufacturers of windows and frames are constantly changing the material and design of window frames, called sashes, and they generally do not keep replacement parts in stock for older windows.

The answer to the main question, “Will Replacing Storm Windows save you money?” is no, unless the storm window frame is broken beyond repair. As long as the glass or other material for the pane in your storm window isn’t damaged then there is no logical reason to replace your storm windows, and if the glass or other pane material is damaged then replace the pane not the whole window.

The new craze of going green, not withstanding, is not a reason to replace perfectly good storm windows. The glass or the frame material for a new storm window will not be any better than the material in the storm windows you already have. Replacing Storm Windows without a good reason is just a way to have you spend money to get green, when you probably are already green just by having storm windows that you can take down in the summer and put them up in the winter. In fact many homes are permanently installing storm windows to maintain the insulation value all year round.

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