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Many contractors and individuals who have been working with windows for any period of time have probably noticed the drastic increase in available choices of hardware.. Making a decision on which to go with often involves weighing a lot of factors and isn’t easy. The Encore Operator from Truth Hardware stands out as not just a great value, but also an innovative high quality product. As the leaders in their industry, Truth has proven itself time and time again. The new Encore System Operators are no exception.

Based on the solid Truth’s Maxim® Series Operator design, the Encore series adds more versatility and flexibility. The operators come in left-handed and right-handed versions of the single arm, dual arm, awning style, dyad and reverse dyad configurations. That is where standard options end and the exciting features come in to play. The new contemporary looking handles offer a smooth integrated look. Add to that a variety of choices of snap-fit covers, and features that make installation and operation much improved over the EntryGard series. The snap fit covers remove the need for stocking colored operators reducing the inventory need and overhead. The operators are designed to be universal allowing mounting on the same location of every window size. The Snap-Fit cover removes easily for painting and staining of the window frame and installation after home is completed, helping to eliminate construction damage.

Several other aspects of the design have Improved over the Maxim series. While they are designed to drop in the same location as Truth’s Maxim System, an improved seal design and enclosed gear train eliminate the need for caulking, keep out dirt and debris to protect the seal housing ad gasket. This also minimizes water/air filtration and damage that can occur during the punch-out or routing of the operator cutout. The increased efficiency adds up to a 33% reduction of the effort required to operate the window. The lack of sash play reduce the tendency of window to move during windy conditions, reducing jarring, wear and tear.

Truth utilizes their E-Guard Hardware style multistage coating process to resist against more than just the elements. Now industrial cleaning materials, environmental pollutants and other corrosive materials are not a problem unlike the more common zinc plated finish. By popular request they are even available in stainless steel packages. Chipping, scratching and fading are no longer an issue thanks to the the electrostatic-ally applied coating.

With new options of cover and handle design becoming available every day, the Encore series is sure to become an industry standard in customization of window design. Truth will be happy to brand your hardware with your logo. Looking for a custom cover design? Not a problem. If you are designing a new window profile, or are having difficulty selecting hardware for your window, please contact Window Repair Systems. Their highly trained Technical Service Staff can assist you with the selection of the appropriate hardware to meet your performance requirements, as well as obtaining personalized application drawings upon request.

The Full-Flip Handle design eliminates collapse during operation and Encore Operators require 33% less effort to operate than even our other quality operators. The handle provides smooth operation with a more contemporary look when nested and allows for easy screen removal without removing the crank.

The Snap-Fit cover removes easily for painting and staining of the window frame and provides a smooth, contemporary look for your windows. Integrated snap feature allows ‘fastener-less’ cover attachment and installation after home is completed, helping to eliminate construction damage.

Truth Hardware has now released a new range of Recessed Full-Flip Handle and Snap-Fit Cover Designs. In addition, if you are a contractor or builder the Full-Flip Handle and Snap-Fit Covers provide an opportunity for you to reduce your inventory of optional operator colors as appearance can be changed by simply choosing a different handle and cover option. The Encore Series Nesting Handles and Covers are available in all of Truth’s finish options as well as many popular decorative finishes.

With all of the great options available we are working hard to keep a wide ranged assortment of Truth Encore parts available while still providing the lowest pricing possible. We will continue to look for and provide other outstanding options, though the competition definitely has some catching up to do on this line.

For more information about Encore Handle/Cover Options visit http://www.windowrepairsystems.com.

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