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The Push-Out Hardware System is Truth Hardware’s latest innovation. We think you will be surprised again by their ingenuity. Designed for push-out style windows reminiscent of the windows from the turn of the century, this new product line combines the aesthetic characteristics from years past with the performance requirements of current times. Push-out window systems have seen a revival in recent times with the popularity of timber frame, log and craftsman style homes having increased in recent times. Builders are also incorporating this manual style window into sidelights for doors.

Following extensive research and engineering, Truth is offers a full line of hinges, locks and related push-out hardware to meet the requirements of contractors and homeowners alike.

Truth offers special high friction hinges which were engineered to fit the standard hinge cavity to help provide extra resistance to the sash while in the open position. Available in stainless steel by default, these hinges are available in two sizes (10″ and 14″). With egress or wash ability options to choose from, these hinges use the same snap-stud design as Truth’s standard 2-Bar hinges and optional hinge stops are available for larger window applications.

Handles available in both “classic” and “retro” looks, Truth hardware systems for push-out windows offer that unique styling to fit any home. Truth has designed two types of Lock Bar Systems – one for standard push-out windows and the other specifically designed for French style double casement window applications. The standard lock bar system is available in either steel or stainless steel and allows up to four locking points on sash heights up to 7′ high.

The locking systems provide a range of handle activation heights which permits the manufacturer to place the handle wherever they would like, including centered low on the window sash to help comply with ADA restricted applications. All French lock bars incorporate shoot bolts for added security. Sill Mounted Stay Bars Provide More Stability When Open Classic Retro Stay Bars If even more wind resistance is required, or the window sash is too large to reach the activation handle on the lock bar system, Truth recommends using our sill mounted Stay Bars. Available in 2 lengths, this hardware provides more stability when open and will assist the homeowner when closing a wider sash. One unique feature of our stay bar is the ability to hold the sash in any position and not interfere with the closed screen.

Truth Hardware also offers a full complement of swing screen hardware including hinges which allow easy seasonal removal of the screens. In addition, Truth has an assortment of screen handle options to complement the sash hardware.

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