Window Sash Balance Repair

If your window won’t stay up when you open it you will probably need a window sash balance repair. What this entails is to buy a new window sash to replace the one currently in your window frame. You will want to make sure that the sash balance is rated to carry the weight of the sash in your window. You can either contact the manufacturer of your window to see if they carry replacements or go to a local window and door repair company to order it from them.

Replacing the sash balance is much less expensive than being talked into replacing the entire window, and just about anyone can do the job. Even a teen in the family can make the replacement.

Once you have the new sash balance you are ready to make the window sash balance repair. First you locate the take out clips on each side of the window frame and pop out the bottom of the clips. You can either slip a thumb nail under the clip to pop it out or you can use a flat head screwdriver.

Once you have popped out the clips on both sides you raise the sash up to engage the take out clips and then push the sash to either the left or right and tilt the sash inward to remove.

You are now ready to remove the old window sash balance. The sash balance is under tension so take hold of it firmly and press down to remove the top portion and then lift up to release the tension and remove the balance from the window frame.

When you look at the new sash balance you will see a hook on the bottom and this is placed into a small slot in the frame, then with a firm grip on the balance press down till you can attach the top to the take out clip. Repeat the process on the other side of the window.

Once you have both sash balances installed you are ready to replace the sash. All you do is press the sash into one side of the frame over the top of the bottom attachment and then press the other side into the frame. Then lower the sash and push the take out clips back in and you are all finished. You have completed the window sash balance repair, and it should work as good or better than it did when it was brand new.

As you can see the window sash balance repair is simply a matter of replacing the old broken sash balance with a new one. There is no need to replace the entire window, so don’t let anyone try to talk you into a complete window replacement when it isn’t necessary. It is often a good idea to buy an extra window sash balance to keep on hand in case the sash balance in another window goes out. It will save you a trip to the store or the wait if you order the balance over the Internet. It is always a good idea to have at least one sash balance on hand in case you need it.

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Replacing Window Spiral Balances

If your windows just won’t stay up when you open them, you will have to repair or replace the mechanism that holds it up. In older windows there is a cast iron weight attached to a cord of rope or other material. In newer windows you will find that it has what is called a spiral balance. Most likely the spring inside the balance has worn out and you will need to think about Replacing Window Spiral Balances in each window that won’t stay open.

There are two types of windows, the tilt kind and the non-tilt kind, and although Replacing Window Spiral Balances in each kind is similar, there are differences in how you remove and replace the balances.

The first thing you must do is get the correct spiral balance for your window. You need to make sure that it has the rating to hold the weight of your window sash. The best way to ensure that you have the correct rated balances is to contact the manufacturer of your window to see if they carry replacement parts. If you can’t find the name of your window manufacturer then you will have to go to a window and door repair place and see if you can order the correct size and rated spiral balance for your windows.

Once you have the correct balance you can go to work on replacing the old one with the new one. For a non-tilt window you have to find the stop bead located on the left or right side and unscrew all three screws, starting at the top, then the middle and finally the bottom. You then remove the stop bead. If the window jam is painted you may have to pry the stop bead off with your putty knife or flat head screw driver.

You will need to get a grip on the left spring tape and pull some slack out with the tensioning tool or a pair of needle nose pliers. The tool is specially made for removing and winding the balance. Grab hold of the connecting hoop and disconnect it. Repeat the process for the right side balance tape.

With the balances disconnected just slide it out of the frame through the side with the stop head off.

You then remove the screws holding the old balance to the window jam. You will want to take care not to damage the holes because you will install the new spring balances in the same place.

Put the new spiral spring  balance right where the old one was mounted and put the screws in on the top and bottom edges. You can use the same screws you took out of the old balance. Once you have all of the screws securely tightened you can repeat the process on the other side. The balances are able to fit either side so you don’t have to worry about which one goes on which side.

When the new spiral balances are installed all you have to do is replace the window the same way you removed it and your job is finished.

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Will Replacing Storm Windows Save Money?

According to the dictionary and wikipedia, storm windows are secondary windows installed to provide additional protection from harsh weather. These windows can be installed outside or inside of the normal windows in a home. In the past these windows were in wood frames and could be taken down during warmer weather so that the windows of the home could be opened to let in air from outside. Today these windows are in metal or vinyl frames and can be made from glazed glass or some form of plastic or vinyl panes.

For the home owners of today the choice is to install double pane or double glass windows in a solid metal or vinyl frame. The only problem is these windows can’t be opened and if one of the panes get a crack, moisture will get inside and fog the window. If you have actual storm windows the question is will Replacing Storm Windows save money in the long run.

The answer to that question will depend on who you ask. If you ask someone that wants to install new windows for you they will tell you that new double glazed windows will save on your electric bill by providing greater insulation. Using a second window mounted next to the main window will provide the insulation of having air between the two windows, and believe it or not, air between windows is one of the very best insulators.

If your storm window is in a wood frame then the frame is built to be able to replace the glass with ease. If you are using the newer metal or vinyl frames, the glass can also be replaced so you don’t actually need to worry about Replacing Storm Windows, just replacing the glass in the frame if it becomes broken.

This is true of any broken window glass, if you think about that. The windows with metal sashes, or frames, may make replacing the full window more difficult because it will be hard to find parts every 10 years or so when the glass or frame needs to be replaced. The manufacturers of windows and frames are constantly changing the material and design of window frames, called sashes, and they generally do not keep replacement parts in stock for older windows.

The answer to the main question, “Will Replacing Storm Windows save you money?” is no, unless the storm window frame is broken beyond repair. As long as the glass or other material for the pane in your storm window isn’t damaged then there is no logical reason to replace your storm windows, and if the glass or other pane material is damaged then replace the pane not the whole window.

The new craze of going green, not withstanding, is not a reason to replace perfectly good storm windows. The glass or the frame material for a new storm window will not be any better than the material in the storm windows you already have. Replacing Storm Windows without a good reason is just a way to have you spend money to get green, when you probably are already green just by having storm windows that you can take down in the summer and put them up in the winter. In fact many homes are permanently installing storm windows to maintain the insulation value all year round.

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Historic Window Preservation

The windows of early American homes were the casement windows. These are windows that are hinged on one side and open outward with a hand cranking device attached. In the early part of the eighteenth century double and single hung windows were introduced. These are the windows that rise up in down in their sash or frames. As a result many styles of the vertical sliding windows are considered to be specific to buildings specific to certain periods in our history. When determining if certain windows have historic window preservation value the entire building needs to be considered. Often comparisons are made on specific windows in the context of the entire building where the windows are part of the architectural element of the building.

While much of the repair techniques offered as an instructional guide for the private individual, the information can be very useful for the professional architect or contractor on larger scale projects. The instruction talks about the methodology for evaluating and repairing existing windows. It will also talk about considerations of replacement with professional help to preserve the style and materials used.

It is the design and craftsmanship among other qualities that make certain buildings, and the windows in those buildings, worthy of preservation. Of course it is very evident for ornamental windows but the same can be equally true of windows in such buildings as warehouses or factories. It is the visual element that the windows offer that can make it the dominant factor and if they were to be replaced with a different kind of window the building would lose some of its historical value. It is the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation that provides the guidelines for determining the historic window preservation value. Those guidelines call for specific kinds of original materials and features. The guide favors repairing and retaining whenever possible. If repair is indicated they are very implicit in the standards of technical repair methods used. The main emphasis is on the planning for the repair of windows including evaluating their physical condition and what methods will be used to repair. If replacement is necessary all efforts will be made to replace with like materials in order to have the replacement window look as much like the original as possible. Photos taken before the replacement or repair will be compared with the finished work.

There are 5 factors to be considered in the evaluation of windows in a building. Windows will be considered worthy of historic window preservation if they 1)replicate the original design for the building 2) reflect the period or style of the region under considerations 3) are original 4) are an example of very fine craftsmanship or design 5) reflect major  building  changes resulting from major period shifts or events. After the evaluation of the building has been completed, it will be possible to continue with the planning of the correct kinds of treatments. You will, of course, start with the study of the actual conditions of the windows as they are currently set in their frames. You will need to photograph them from an inside and outside view to compare the completed workmanship.

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