Repair Casement Window Cranks

If you have a casement window and after unlatching the lock the handle of the crank just spins without opening the window you have a little problem. You may be able to repair casement window cranks, but it all depends on how big the problem is. If you remove the handle and look inside to find that the teeth grips are stripped, you may be able to find a replacement handle at your local hardware store. If the handle isn’t the problem you may have stripped gears on the crank itself. This isn’t too difficult to repair. The problem may be finding a replacement crank.

Once you inspect the crank mechanism and find that it is stripped you will have to remove it. The first thing you will need to do is to remove the crank arm from its guide track. Just remove the screen and open the window until the plastic guide bushings line up with the guide track notch. You should be able to slip the arm off from the window track.

You next look for the mounting screws inside the screen track. You will need to unscrew them so that you can remove the cover to be able to get to the cranks inside. If there aren’t any trim screws the casement cover may be nailed or stapled in place. You will need to slip a stiff putty knife between the casement cover and the window frame. You should be able to pry the casing off, just be careful not to damage the wood parts.

Take the old crank mechanism to the hardware store to see if they have a replacement you can get or if they don’t they may be able to send your old crank off to be matched by one of their suppliers. All you can do till the replacement part arrives is close and lock the window.

When the replacement part arrives you mount the crank box to the same place the old unit was, making sure the crank arm is reattached to the window. You may have to attach the crank handle once you have the box remounted. just slip the handle over the crank gear so that the teeth engage, then tighten the set screw. Open and close the window with the crank handle a couple times to make sure it operates smoothly. If it seems to hesitate you may need to remount the crank box to ensure proper alignment.

The hardest thing about trying to repair casement window cranks is being able to find the proper replacement crank. Most window manufactures don’t put their name on the window or casing. You may look into the sash of the window frame and may find the manufacture there. If you do you can contact them directly to see if they carry replacement crank parts. This will assure you of the best crank replacement. If you can’t find the name of the window manufacturer, your only choice is to see if a local home or hardware store can send off for a replacement crank.

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Window Latch Replacement Is Easy

A casement window is one that is attached to one side of the frame and opens with a crank. When closed you simply close the latch. If the latch isn’t working you should be able to repair it. Before you consider window latch replacement take a closer look at the latch. You can do this with the window cranked open. Moisture can get into the latch and it can become rusted or clogged with dirt. It is also possible that the latch is just old and has had dirt and rust in it too long to be cleaned. If this is the case you may have to replace the entire latch. If there is dirt in the latch you can probably repair it by unscrewing the two screws in the sash or frame.

With the two screws out, you can lift the latch right off the frame. You can spray a little oil  in the latch and wipe it off with a clean rag. Then try working the latch back and forth a couple times. This alone may fix the problem.

When you are looking at the latch you may see some rust. If you do, you can use a small wire brush and some spray oil to gently dislodge the rust and remove it. Once you get the rust removed work the latch a few times to see if it works easier. If it does you are done, just re-install it and you are good to go.

If no amount of cleaning will get the latch to working, you may have to replace the entire latch. This would also be the case if there is too much rust to clean off. The best idea is to take the latch with you to your local home store and show them what you want to replace. They will most likely have a replacement in stock. Then just bring the new latch home and install it with the two screws in the window sash.

Many times home owners that don’t consider themselves to be handy will just see a problem like the window latch not working and think they have to call someone out to replace it. With just a little instruction window latch replacement is much easier than most people think it is. As you learn to make repairs or window latch replacement you can save what the hourly rate a repairman would have to charge you.

As you have seen from this article, window latch replacement is easy enough that a teen could do it. You just have to look to see how the latch is attached to the window sash. When you remove the two screws holding the latch in place you can remove it and see if you can clean it up or if it needs to be replaced. Either way you can save a repair fee by doing the job yourself. As you learn to make these kinds of household repairs you will start saving a lot of money on having to call out a repair person.

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Replacing Window Screens Yourself Saves You Money

When summer arrives so do all of the outdoor bugs. If your window screens are old and have holes torn in them, the bugs will take that to be an invitation to come inside to visit you. You don’t have to buy whole new screens with frames. You will find that replacing window screens right in your frames is a job most home owners can do themselves. All you have to do is go down to your local home store and buy a screen window repair kit. You will get enough screening material for a couple windows, a length of rubber spline and a reusable spline roller.

When you get home with your kit, just take the window screen down from the window and lay it on a flat level area. Usually one person can do the job but you may want a  little help replacing window screens your first time. Look around the corners of the frame until you see the end of the old spline that is holding the old screen in place. With a screwdriver pry up one end and pull it free. There is no glue to worry about so just pull evenly all the way around the frame. Once the old spline is out, throw it away and the old screen should just lift right out of the frame.

Take your new screening material and lay it over the frame and using cutting shears, cut the new screen to the correct size for your window. You want to cut about one inch larger than the frame. You will want to make sure that the screen is laying square to the frame and centered. This way when you cut off the excess, you will be ready to reattach it to the frame.

Pick a corner to start at and run the new spline along the groove pressing it in with the roller. You will want to tilt the roller to the outside of the frame and go slowly as you push the new spline and screen down into the groove. Slowly work your way down to the next corner and use your screwdriver to press the spline and screen down in the corner very carefully, then continue around the frame.

When you have pressed the spline and screen in all the way around, cut the spline long enough to overlap the corner by an inch. Use your screwdriver to press the spline firmly into the groove. All that is left is to trim off any excess screen all the way around the frame with your utility knife. Be sure to hold the knife so that the edge is facing away from the new screen so that you don’t slip and cut the new screen.

That is all there is to replacing window screens. Just re-install it and you are good to go. Those outside bugs will stay out and your new screen will look great.

If for some reason you don’t think you can do the job, you can take your frame screen into a home store and they will help you to replace the screen, or you could pay them to do it for you. It is always best if you learn to make these repairs though.

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Double Pane Window Repair Is Cheaper Than Buying New Windows

As you know the great thing about double paned windows is the way they insulate. They keep your cool air in during the summer and the warm air in during the winter, thus saving you lots of money on your utility bills. The way the insulation properties of your window works is because there is a trapped gas or air between the panes to increase the insulation. If you get a crack in the glass you will start to see fog develop between the glass panes or drops of condensation developing. You probably think all you can do is replace the entire window but you need to know that double pane window repair can be done and it will save you money.

The first best way to get the windows repaired is to get a professional to do the fix They will drill a small hole in a corner of the window and blow some cleaners into the space. they will drill a second small hole in the upper section of the window so when they blow air into the space the cleaners will clean and exit through the second hole. Once the inside is clean they will blow a drying agent through and seal the top hole and then blow more air in and seal the bottom hole. When the holes are sealed you will have your double pane window repair so they will once again insulate you from extreme temperatures passing through and you will have clear windows to look through as well.

If you have glass panes that are broken they will have to be replaced. Some people can measure and get replacement glass from a local glass dealer and do the replacement themselves. It can be tricky with double pane windows and you may be better off having a pro do it for you. The most important part is to ensure you get the glass the exact size and thickness that you need for your double pane frame. This way the pane can be sealed properly and clean dry air or gas can be trapped between the pains to restore the insulation factor that you had before the pane of glass was broken.

The best place to find a double pane window repair professional is through a local glass company or by checking stores where they sell the double pane windows. The stores will either have a repair professional on staff or will be able to direct you to the best place to find some help. Before they will be able to give you an estimate they will need to come to your home and see the windows that need repair. Some repairs are fairly simple and can be inexpensive to fix. Others, such as needing to replace one or more panes will cost more. Just be sure to have the repair person explain exactly what needs to be done and get a written estimate of the repair. You may want to get more than one estimate because the fees for repair can vary.

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